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IB Students Explore The Brain:

The IB Psychology classes have been learning about the correlation between localized brain functions and behavior. They worked in teams to construct models of the brain made from Play-Do. Their teacher, Dr. Cindy Waddell, explained that using a hands-on approach to student learning helps reinforce key concepts. In the pictures, you can distinguish the parts of the brain by the different colors used by the student teams.

Senior Boys' Luncheon

On Friday 23rd of May, the Boys' High School gave honor to our Senior boys in the school library. It was wonderful to host so many of our parents at this proud occasion. They boys have completed their course most of their course work and many have just finished sitting for the IB exams. The last day for seniors is May 30, and from this point forward, they will be preparing for graduation day. We are proud of all of their accomplishments.

Girls' Spirit Day

Our High School girls celebrated their community on Friday 23rd of May with their annual Spirit Day. Students organized and ran activities under the leadership of Noha El-Gohsein, Salwa Linjawi and Dana Nicholas. Thank you to all who made this a memorable day for all of the High School girls.


Each year, ISA students engage the ADAPT Clubhouse, a local brain injury service center for local residents, to raise resources to support the organization’s many initiatives.  On Thursday May 22nd, The International Baccalaureate Psychology students had extraordinary outcomes at the annual ISA-ADAPT carwash, raising an unprecedented amount of donations and sharing lunch with many clubhouse staff and patients including site manager Ms. Kimberlee Baugh. This type of service learning plays an important part of helping our students understand and apply ideas learned in academic courses in order to make positive contributions to the local community. Thank you to Mr. David Kovalik for coordinating this project and congratulations to students for making community and service an important focus!

Nasser Abdelsamad, makes one final review of a freshly washed car before moving on to the next vehicle.  Each of his classmates spent the day raising funds to support the ADAPT Clubhouse, a local brain injury service provider.

Girls' Elementary & Kindergarten/First Grade Field Day!

Our Kindergarten and First graders enjoyed their Field Day on Wednesday 14th May. And Girls' Elementary also had an incredible Field Day. A special thank youto Ms. Amina Assaadi (Assistant Principal Girls' Elementary) for all her organization, and to teachers and parents who made this day so fun for our students. Just look at how happy they are, in the picture below.

Elementary Boys had a field day!!!

The Boys' Elementary School hosted a wonderful field day on Friday, May 9th 2014

Congratulations to Ruba Ayyad, Elementary Boys' Assistant Principal, Coach Issam and all of the dedicated Boys' Elementary Faculty who supervised, played along, organized and served the boys today. It was terrific to see the boys work together, and cheer each other on. A great day, full of school spirit and outdoor activity.

ISA Events and News for April

Students in both Boys’ and Girls’ Elementary Schools promoted Earth Day 2014 by planting in the school garden, preparing food that was made from organic ingredients, designing art work made from recycled materials and conducting research to present information to the school community on various environmental issues.

Our school is accountable to the AdvancED organization to provide a National standard for education.  This month the ISA Director of Education finalized the report in order to demonstrate that we have completed all of the requirements set out for our school by the Quality Assurance Review Team.  AdvancED has approved our report and we will remain a fully accredited school.  For details of this report, visit this website: http://www.advanc-ed.org/oasis2/u/par/accreditation/summary?institutionId=28098

On Thursday May 1st, ISA celebrated the importance of Quran recitation.  Students of all ages participated in traditional song, dance and recitation.  Awards were presented to students who excelled in the recent Quran competition.  A very special thank you goes to Dr. Mohammed A. Aleissa, the Cultural Attaché for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for his continued support of the Academy and for attending our award ceremony.

On Monday May 5th, Students planned, coordinated and facilitated an assembly to raise awareness of issues related to bullying in schools.  Individuals shared their own personal experiences and special guest speaker David Hawa also discussed the prevention of harassment and bullying, and what each of us can do to make school a great place to be for each of us.  We are proud of the way our students stand up for each other, and have zero tolerance for bullying.

ISA celebrated the hard work of our teachers by offering an exquisite luncheon, prepared by Dr. Sakaji and Mr. Sarsour.  The Student Government Associations in both Boys’ and Girls’ Schools put their own personal touch of gratitude for their teachers by signing cards and designing gifts.  Each teacher was presented with a school t-shirt with the printed phrase “One Team, One Goal, ISA”.  Thank you to our dedicated teachers.



We are delighted to announce that we have officially broken ground for the new school!
On Sunday, April 13th 2014, a ceremony was held to commemorate the official beginning of the building project in the presence of His excellency Dr. Ibrahim Al-Assaff - Minister of Finance for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mr Abdulrahman Almofadhi - Secretary General of Public Investment Fund for the Ministry of Finance, Faridah Turkistani - Director General of the Islamic Saudi Academy, as well as District Supervisor. Frey and Herndon Supervisor Bulova - Fairfax County.  Dr. Al-Assaff shared the vision for being a premiere school in the Washington DC Metro area, building upon the foundation of the International Baccalaureate mission of globally orientated critical thinking to pursue entrepreneurship and focusing more intently on Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and the Arts.  Please follow our Facebook page for continued updates on the exciting venture.

وضع حجر الأساس لمبني الأكادميه الجديد بحضور معالي وزير المالية الدكتور ابراهيم العساف


VICTORY FOR the Junior Vasity Boys' Basketball Team!

Go FALCONS!!! Congratulations to our Junior Boys' Varsity Basketball team for winning the championship trophy!!!! Lead by captains, Naser  Abdulsamad and Mostafa Salameh, the team was unstoppable. Well done! A huge thank you to those who came out to suppor the team, at the game.

George Mason University Research Seminar

11th grade ISA students, candidates for the International Baccalaureate Extended essay project attended a seminar on how to conduct academic research at the Johnson Center Library, George Mason University, on Thursday the 20th of February. They were able to reconnect with ISA alumni who are incredibly successful in their college studies, having been well prepared by our academy. Hosted by research specialist, Mr. Magee, students were introduced to some of the best databases for academic research in the USA, comparable to Harvard and Yale library resources. Mr. Magee stressed the importance of learning how to research well at high school level, because universities expect students to know by the time the begin degree studies. He was thrilled that our students were afforded such an opportunity.

The Extended essay is an independent research paper, requiring students to select their own topic and analyse credible sources to form an original thesis in a subject area of their own choosing. This is the capstone requirement for IB diploma candidates, and is open to certificate candidates for the first year at ISA.

We have a record number of students pursuing the Extended essay this year. 34 students attended the research seminar.

Record results for Elementary Spelling Bee 2014 

On Wednesday 19th of February, the Boys’ Elementary and Girls’ Elementary Schools ran their annual Spelling Bees. Ruba Ayaad, Assistant Principal of the Boys’ Elementary is delighted that the boys went 31 rounds, with three students battling out for first place. In fact both Boys’ and Girls’ Schools needed to use dictionary words to extend the competition.  Amina Assaadi, Assistant Principal of the Girls’ Elementary said, “the girls were very prepared.  They were so poised to be so young.”  The Spelling Bee helps elementary students to not only master challenging vocabulary, but to develop a presence and speak in front of an audience.  It prepares students for future studies and gives them confidence that they will need to be successful in life.

George Washington University encourages ISA Scholars

Janan Sankis from George Washington University visited ISA to encourage international students interested in a U.S medical education to apply for the International MD Program.  The curriculum features integration of the basic and clinical sciences as well as study of comprehensive public health, clinical clerkships and multiple elective opportunities.  11th and 12th grade students attended the seminar, as well as some ISA alumni who are considering applying for graduate studies in the medical field.   Mastery of written and spoken English is a prerequisite for this program, and ISA is committed to preparing all of our students by meeting each student where they are, and helping them to accelerate their skills.

“United for Peace and Prosperity” One World Day 2014

On Friday February 7th 2014, One World Day, an event planned and organized by a committee of students from the Class of 2014, showcased the incredible leadership skills our students develop in their International Baccalaureate studies.  This multidisciplinary endeavor took two years of consistent planning and collaboration as students focused their ingenuity, creativity and leadership in order to underscore important issues facing their local and international communities.

Through seminar, students taught their peers simple methods for providing clean water and inexpensive and efficient lighting for populations around the world.  Moreover, students held thought-provoking discussions with leaders from internationally recognized organizations.

Thank you to Mrs. Kathrine Hope, American Red Cross; Phoebe Bicknell, Habitat for Humanity; and Dr. Amal David for your valuable seminars on global issues.  Congratulations to the committee of IB students for your incredible hard work and success.

Highlights from One World Day 2014

Students from the One World committee present checks to the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, generated by their own fund raising efforts.

Embracing Our Diverse Heritage 2014.

The annual ISA Heritage Day 2014 will resonate in the hearts of our community because of the way we came together to showcase who we are.  Teachers worked tirelessly to construct an exhibition of their national heritage. Food, traditional music, clothing, artefacts and pieces brought directly from their homes transformed our school into a global celebration. 
Visitors to our school commented that they were “truly rewarded with a vibrant closing morning program in the auditorium by [our] student body.  It was also especially rewarding viewing different cultures via the various forms of art in an inviting venue …” We are so proud of our diversity and we extend our gratitude to the Debka performers, our student participants, and to our incredibly dedicated administration, faculty and parent community.
For further coverage of our event, please click these links:
http://www.arabnews.com/news/523146  Arab News

http://www.alriyadh.com/2014/02/09/article908429.html  Alriyadh

Highlights from our Heritage Day 2014

Creative Recycled Expressions: IB Visual Arts

11th and 12th grade Visual Arts students have been preparing for their IB course assessment.  Their task was to interpret either a famous person or famous work of art using recycled materials. The purpose of using recycled materials was to participate in the One World green planet initiative.  Students approached this task in mosaic form, translating art from one media to another.  The process involved much research and reflection.  Supervised by Barbara Koltos.

Outstanding Visual Arts work, Feb 2014