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Visitors to ISA


The ISA Islamic Studies Department welcomed guest educators from Malaysia, who were invited guests of the U.S. State Department. Our visitors wanted to discuss global standards of education and school management. They observed classes, spoke to students, teachers and administrators and took away binders of materials and resources that we wanted to share. What a wonderful international experience.

not just math class

One of our Math Teachers Mr. David Montoya uses SmartNotebook and a writing tablet to teach arithmetic series (in this lesson: finding the sum of the terms in an arithmetic series). Using JoinMe, students can see what David is projecting on their own tablet, take screen shots of it at anytime (to keep notes). Because David uses SmartNotebook, all of the working the class completes together on the board is saved.

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Arabic Poetry Contest

Congratulations, to all the girls who beautifully recited Arabic poetry on Monday, December 15th. A special regard for those who won in the Elementary, Middle, and High School Levels.

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