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يوم اللغة العربية في الأكاديمية

يعلن قسم اللغة العربية في الأكاديمية عن احتفاله بيوم اللغة العربية ، وذلك لإظهار مكانة هذه اللغة وغرس محبتها في نفوس أبنائها.  سيكون الاحتفال بإذن الله يوم التاسع عشر من شهر مايو القادم 2015، وسيشارك فيه مختلف المراحل الدراسية حيث  سيقدم الطلاب والطالبات خلالها فقرات مختلفة من إنشاد  وتمثيل ومقابلات .  والجدير بالذكر أنه سيتم في هذا اليوم أيضاً تكريم الطلاب الفائزين في مسابقة القراءات الشعرية التي أُجريت في شهر ديسمبر الماضي 2014

:سيكون جدول الأنشطة كالتالي

8:30 – 9:30 أنشطة مقدمة من طالبات المرحلة الابتدائية
9:30- 10:30 أنشطة مقدمة من طالبات المرحلة الثانوية
11:30-12:30  أنشطة مقدمة من طلاب المرحلة الثانوية
1:30- 2:30 أنشطة مقدمة من طلاب المرحلة الابتدائية

Arabic Language Day at the Academy

The ISA Arabic Department announces its celebration of The Arabic Language day in order to display the great value and love the students have for this language. This celebration will take place on the 19th of May, 2015 with the participation of students from several grades K-12. Performances will include poetry recitation, plays, and interviews. Winners of the 2014 Poetry Recitation competition will also be celebrated and awarded that day.

The schedule of events shall be as follows:

8:30 – 9:30 Girls' Elementary Performances
9:30 – 10:30 Girls' Middle and High School Performances
11:30 – 12:30 Boys' Middle and High School Performances
1:30 – 2:30 Boys' Elementary Performances 

Malaysian Visitors


The ISA Islamic Studies Department welcomed guest educators from Malaysia, who were invited guests of the U.S. State Department. Our visitors wanted to discuss global standards of education and school management. They observed classes, spoke to students, teachers and administrators and took away binders of materials and resources that we wanted to share. What a wonderful international experience.

Student Peace Award

Senior Amina Nahavandi was selected by Islamic Saudi Academy to receive a 2015 Student Peace Award of Fairfax County.  For thirteen years this organization has honored high school juniors and seniors who have promoted peace or worked to remove the causes of violence such as injustice, discrimination, and poverty.  Amina was one of 23 recipients honored at a public reception on March 15.  Congratulations Amina!

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Interfaith Peace

ISA was honored to host the students from Ad Fontes Christian School to discuss peace in Islam and Christianity. The conversation was lively and fruitful as students shared their personal experiences and beliefs in presentations and group discussions. What an inspiring dialogue!

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